Trenutno smo v Chiang Maiu


Pismo iz Indije.

Dear sir!

Thank you for opening my email. My name is Mitja Melansek, I come from Slovenia. On
15.12. I will come to India, travelling for one moth. I come alone, as I need
some time for myself, meditation, innerexploration. I came accross your Mohyal
Ahsram. I haven’t found much, but as I read this on internet and books I find it
really interesting to stay with you during new year’s. I feel the need to
practice yoga even though I haven’t done it before and I would really like to
get a feeling of the way you lead your life.

Let this be my first mail. Please let me know if it is possible to join you.

Thank you very much and best sunny greating from Slovenia.

Your’s sencirely
Mitja Melanšek

Jebemti, kok me tole privlači ...

Dear Mitja,

Greetings from the foothills of the Himalayas,
It would be our pleasure to provide you with a room (attached bath with hot
water shower) at the Mohyal Ashram during the month of December you are going to
be here in our Beautiful Holy Town, Hardwar.

The rooms start from Rs. 750/- per room /night. Is inclusive of all
meals(breakfast, lunch & dinner) during the stay.

Nice to hear that you are taking out time for yourself (which is very important
now a days, with life having so much of stress to keep up with things),
meditation & inexploration. So, it would be very nice to come & stay here with
us as I am specialising in Meditation, am a Reiki Master & into Sacred Circles
(where you get into your insight, of what you did in the past & then getting
into the much needed life that you should be having) & then are also doing
Ayureveda (including Therapies, ayureveda in daily life & even panch karma).
Yoga will be also provided in our most beautiful Yoga/meditation Hall.

If you have any queries, please feel free to ask.

Look forward to hearing from you & seeing you soon .

Sanjeev Mehta

*** objavljeno z vsemi slovničnimi napakami. 🙂

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